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its about respect

When i first started becoming active in the southern plains traditions, i took some time to sit down with elders, and the one thing they said most often was respect. Whether it be the family who comes to the drum to put a shawl on the drum for singing a song, someone who comes to tell us that we should not have sung a certain song, it was all about showing respect. I guess there are times when I could get all hairy, but the thing is, what good is getting all wound up.
For the most part i have seen a woman trying to force her way in to the gourd dance arena. It was taken care of with tobacco. In a respectful way, this young lady was taken some tobacco, to find out just what the heck she thought she was doing.
It was then that she told us that she had served in the military and that she was dancing because she felt she deserved that right and WANTED to be honored.
That's all well and good to want to dance, but there are ACCEPTED ways for women to dance, whether you went to war or not.
And WANTING to be honored is the same as asking someone to kiss your hairy butt.
But she was introduced to the idea of the right way to do things.

She still took it badly, talk about a totally white attitude, but in the end we still showed her respect and i think that reflected on the drum and the way it sounded and made the people feel.

I ain't about putting women down, or elevating men as the be all and end all of existence. But i am trying to emphasize respect in all aspects of our lives.

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