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Maybe this will help --it's a technique I learned from a Creek/Seminole artist who does exceptional (museum quality) work on panel belts, bandolier bags, etc.

The toughest part might be explaining it...

I do my applique work on wool -- since all my applique work is of Creek origin anyway. I use a single needle. String seven beads at once and attach them to the fabric with a simple stitch that goes completely through the wool. With the needle on the underside of the fabric push the needle through the cloth next to the first bead, completing a circle of sorts. Pass the needle through the second bead, then stitch down the thread holding the beads. Come up through the third bead, pass the needle through the fourth and stitch down again. Continue until you get to the last (seventh) bead, at which time you will add seven more and continue on. It's a great system that produces very finely stitched, but flat work that is incredibly tight. I might have a diagram I could fax to you. Let me know if this helps or completely confuses you.
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