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my dream lodge came in the year 1996! we got it late Dec. & put it up in the beging of the next year! We have a Panther Primitives!

This lodge has had two preveos owners! has had very bad tretment ! it was not tell the year 2001 we found out that she (the lodge) was about 59 years old! we all so found out for the treatment she had been givin, she was in perfect shape! we still have her! we just need another set of poles! we still have 1 of the very first poles every used with her! we should have her back out this fall! the next thing then will be transporting her to the places, are van is down & the pickup is down, & my ford is to messed up to have a rack to carry the poles!

so I would say Panther Primitives, but thats just me!
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