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Modified stitch

What I do instead of a lazy stich to keep from snagging and ripping off beads is to do a basic 6 bead through on one thread, snag needle into about 1/2 the thickness of the leather and just a bit wider than the bead, then take thread back through all 6 beads, catch another snag in the leather up the side of 2 beads, then cross the through threads to opposite side of bead row, snag the leather the distance of next 2 beads, cross over, snag through one bead distance and take thread through the last bead then start another 6 bead round. This stitch works well in long straight runs and even intricate floral swirls. It also helps to wet the leather just ahead of work area so you don't end up breaking needles going through stiff or thick materials. I also while the area is still wet use a piece of scrap leather to cover the beads and a rubber mallet to set each bead down into the worked area with a light tap so it makes its own little cup to keep the bead standing well. This also works not just on deer hides but also on canvas, as the stitch moves with the material underneath, and has some stretch and play in it. Don't pull stitch to tight in rounds or rosettes tho or they bow out.
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