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Welcome home WolfsBird! Maybe when you're over the embrassment you could tell us how you got your wound,:D .
You're home alive and thats all that matters. Perhaps you can fill us in on whats going on there.
Read the paper the other day and Bush is going to lower combat pay and extra pay for dependents whose h.o.f. is in the war zone.:Mad .
Seems as though he doesnt have the money to pay for his war. He is giving tax cuts here and there, where is he going to get the money to fight this war.
I guess you've noticed I'm against this war. I cant understand why Bush wants to send our brothers and sisters to the four winds and fight all these wars. Iraq, Afganistan, Bosnia, Liberia(oops, they're just peacekeepers). Picking a fight with the North Koreans too. I don't see his point. You know, theres alot of issues that need fixing here at home. We have a 7% unemployment rate here in South Carolina. I havent seen him do a damn thing to create any jobs anywhere.
I think with some diplomacy and open respectful dialouge with the Muslims we could have avoided alot of this trouble. Wheather we care to admit it or not, they have serious issues with the US government and some of this issues are legitament.
But I guess thats what we get for having a cowboy for President.
I think we should pull our brothers and sisters out and let the damn Iraquis figure it out for themselves. I'm sick for hearing of our bros. and sisters being killed there. So WolfBird, I am really happy that you are back home. I'm proud of you.
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