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I agree with that one person who said stick to the subject at hand.

The question was about who I as a person thought was a good singer.(plus alot of other questions)

Everyone has a opinion and mine still say all southern singers sound good.

I had the great opportunity to listen to about all of them on c.d's,tapes or at some pow-wow.

Alex Santos caught my attention several times just but the way he delivers a song.(and as right now,I still think he sings very well)

Now,I think someone who gets second hand information isn't worth listening to. If you can't get the information correct,then I think all you do is blow smoke out of your "z"


I always find it amusing how these people on here can say this and that. I wonder though,to be so critical about someone you never met and talk about as if you know them. WHO is the better person?

I know all the people that are mentioned as good singers wouldn't be caught dead hanging around worrying about what anyone thinks. Call it maturity. You don't see Mr. COZAD posting or Joe Fish or even Mr. Kemble. And these are all people you all admire in some way or another.

I feel sorry for this bqueton dude.:( saying he heard this and that.(sound like a gossipy woman):p All I can say is,facts and documention. Get that before you talk bad about someone cuz one day someone is going to think badly of you or say they don't even know you as a singer. (actually I'm racking my brain thinking of who bqueton is):Chatter Guess I'll ask Warren or M.Tahbone she's a queton.:)

yikes! I just thought about something. I hope bqueton isn't a stalker! He seems to know a awful lot about what and when and where Alex Santos is.
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