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Best singer!

I can't believe anyone would say anything about another person's nationality without even knowing any facts. You either have to be very young or very ignorant. Cozad, Bad Medicine, Yellowhammer, White Tail, and so many others have never talked out of hatred about this guy, Al. Some members of some groups may not like him, that's human. We can't possibly like everyone! But respected singers I know of, do not come on here and say such stupid things. O.K. maybe making songs for people and such is out of line for some, but bashing his race is down right hatefull. Maybe you should approach this guy and tell him how you feel. As for "blood is thicker than water", "you have to be native". We as indians in the educational field have spent many years trying to educate people and still there are people who seem to think their are natives only in the 50 states. READ! learn, before you speak. Should he sing intertribal songs of plains tribes? I don't know, who am I to say. It is by the way, intertribal. So many tribes in the N.E., S.W. and other parts do it. Anyway, this young man has shown respect to these ways. He does'nt deny who he is. on that note, I worked on a documentary with him and others and I'll have you know that he in fact is enrolled with the Taino Arawak Nation of the Antilles and is part Aztec. He even speaks his native language of Arawak. I strongly doubt any of these young people on here do. You can't even speak Kiowa or Sac-n-Fox or any other indian language FLUENTLY yet you bash someone who does. By the way, if you doubt any of this info, search the net for info on this guy. He was on the dance theater, and served on many powwow committees across the U.S. You do realize that you need credentials to do those things. Anyway, stop hatin. Look for my film coming out soon entitled; Lost Peoples of the Americas.(PBS)
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