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Don't women have to dance to the drums?
Don't women sing behind the drum sometimes?

If you've answered yes to either of these questions, then I ask you whats the problem with having women to judge drum competition? I have no problem with it. Now, settle down before you attempt to blast me. Hear me out! There is a little disclaimer to this statement. Granted, not every woman will know and understand the various dynamics that go on around a drum. But certainly, she would know some. Some women will know more than others. :Mad

For example, a friend of mine just recently started singing roughly a year ago. Since then, her confidence in her dance has improved tremendously to the point where she knows when to start dancing and when its a drums goof and not hers. She knows when the singing is flat or on beat. She also knows when the honor beats are off beat or too fast. She undstands all of this. The only thing she has not been able to pick up on are words in a word song, esp. when they are of a different native language.

Just food for thought! ;)
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