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For Ojibway Tribe

Okay, where do I start........there is so much to pick from in OT's post.......

First of all, there are a few of us women qualified to judge singing contests. There are a few of us that know to look for different singers taking the leads, can tell when they're together on their drumming or if some are off, if they can keep a solid steady beat, we can hear if someone doesn't know the songs, we can tell if all the singers are singing or if some are "lip-synching", I can even tell if a singer knows the words or is just how hard it is to tell if they all stop at the same time? I also know to judge on how strong the singers voices are......if you have 12 singers and still sound weak in vocal strength and volume, you will have a hard time on my score card....that's just to name a few things that I take into consideration when judging. I've judged several singing contests, so someone must have confidence in my judging.......and since all the head drum judges that have asked me have been men, I figure they oughtta know if they ask a woman to judge if she's qualified or not.

Just a side note, since the women that are asked are usually older, we are well past the teeny-bopper phase that you think we are stuck in, and a singer's looks does not factor into my scoring.
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