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Beading Like Crazy
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Bleached Plume beading

I just recieved a bunch of plumes and I am not too crazy about the orange color of the plumes. I would like to make them completely white so that I can wear them with either rig. How do I go about bleaching them to white? I have heard of bleach, sun, and hydrogen peroxide....I need a place to start. They are nice plumes and I would not want to ruin them. Secondly how would I tie them together to get the big plumes that most fancy shawl dancers have? I have about 10 plumes all together, I heard that they can be tied together but does anyone know how to do that? In the very end I would like to do some type of beading around the base and have a hair barrette to match....any info would be helpful at this point.
thanks anyone....
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