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*clears throat*

Ive seen a lot of "gourd dance" societies, nothing but hobbiest and anglo's to be correct, been to gourd dances out east and even been to gourd dances out west with the Dine. Lets just say, THEY ALL do it differently from the kiowas and the surrounding areas. Those people want to gourd dance and sing gourd dance SOOOO bad that they will make up a society, or make up a drum group. And not know diddley squat about it.*sigh* I figure if LSS wants to sing gourd dance, then he is gonna sing it, probaly not in Oklahoma..or even southwest oklahoma. Just take a lil trip to Oklahoma, can be Carniege Park, Chieftain Park or even Tia Piah Park, come to the drum(if allowed) matter what anyone says LSS is gonna sing these songs. I understand what everyone else is saying, thats why the internet sucks, people talking their smack. I would love to sing with LSS.........

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