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Originally posted by kneegrow_native
On my rez a fallen eagle feather is truly viewed as a warrior who has gone down. If your comrade fell during a prayer, would you wait until the prayer was over to see to him?

Someone will alert the whip man to the fallen feather, he will then take care of it until it is appropriate to pick it up via a pick up song.
Wa'do (thank you) for your post. this is exactly how i feel. ive been told many different ways to approach this but this is what rings true in my heart.
the reason i started this thread is because it actually happened to me and it was during prayer. i was standing not far from the ring entrance and i spotted a veteran across from me. i went to him because i could not catch his eye to show him. he handled it right then. i was later told the mcee found this rude since i interrupted the prayer. i politely as i could told him how disrespectful i felt he was not only to me personally but to our traditions. ive never been back to that powwow. many blessings ,cougie
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