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yah, i have to agree with all of you, i try to teach my kids and remind them when we go places to act right :p. but i think ive done a pretty good job so far, they all say excuse me, thank you and stuff like that. and of course they know what is expected of them at the table. just like No1snag, i just gotta give them "the look" to instill fear :p...jk... one thing that i really stressed was not to talk when an adult is talking (like butting in the convo) and to not sit and listen to what the adults are talking about. its sad, cuz i see a lot of kids around that havent been taught manners. the other day my son who is 4, told me that at his class in head start his teacher said he was the only one who was sitting like they were supposed to....he made it a point to tell me cuz he knew he was behaving. and the next day the teacher said that he is one of the few that actually lay down during nap thats good to hear that he is behaving and listening to his teachers. sometimes at powwows tho, i let him run wild like a lil pw brat :p, usually after he dances a few songs.
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