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Now damn, i thought there was 3 different styles of the chicken dance and not just one like how some might think its only the blackfoot, and you know who you are.

Original style is one of the three styles, another is northern style, and the third one is southern traditional.

I dance chicken myself and i do northern style. and i thank God for all of those people who come up to me complimenting me for my style.

I heard that some of these Blackfoot dancers are good chicken dancers and i respect that, but you don't have to go saying other dancers than Blackfoot are terrible, thats rubbing it into our faces.

Maybe the style of the Blackfoot chicken dancing is different than Dustin Whitford's own way. But Dustin Whitford is a good chicken dancer, maybe hes not pleasing a Blackfoot person but he is pleasing alot of other people. I think you, this Blackfoot person, is jealous of Dustin for his style.

As for chicken dancers with 2 fans, think it's awsome, using two fans is what i do myself when i chicken dance, it helps me interpret what a chicken does. After all, WE DO TELL A STORY WHEN WE DANCE RIGHT?

What would Powwow be if every dancer had the same pattern of outfits and same style of dancing, it would be boring and i wouldn't even dance chicken myself or sing and dance at all, i would go back to drinkin smokin up and everything else. I would not go into christianity cause i feel its not right for me but i'm thinking of the kids.

But remember to be humble of yourself and other people. Accept what other people say and do if they mean no harm. If you do not accept the actions of others like Dustin's syle of dancing, or chicken dancers with two fans you don't have to like it, you can go do your own thing, and don't harm others. Others might be praying to god in their own ways as a form of chicken dancing, and you pray too.

Well thats all i have to say about chicken dancing.

My fav's are
Dustin Whitford,
Garett Henry,
and there is this one guy from Saskatchewaun who uses two fans, his last name is Rabbitskin (so if any one can help me out please do so) i think his name might be Cliff Rabbitskin or it might be his bro.
"If God wanted me to be a white man he would have done so in the first place" -Sitting Bull
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