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I don't know but maybe because most of the singers haven't tried dancing..cuz if they did then they would know that rushing through those three beats is awfully hard to stay in step with while dancing. Especially on a contest song, like mens straight for example...when it comes to the middle of the song where these beats are, most drums do rush though them..and u can really tell by the sounds of the dancers bells that they have to get back into step after this happens. But hey nobody is perfect, and it is hard to break bad habits, lot of drums have done this all their lives and will probably never be able to stop doing it, but it is something to think about when it comes to drum contests.
As far as honor beats at the beginning of southern songs goes, I use to think it sounded pretty good back in the day when the cozads were strong, I think they kind of made doing this a little famous. Although nowadays it seems like someone is hitting these beats on almost every single song. It is getting a little carried away I guess. Sometimes it does sound good to get those beats in when the song is a good song and everyone is singing along and enjoying the song, guess you could say when that spirit is there...but c'mon there is no need for it on every song u sing. I think it is one of those monkey see monkey do sort of things. I am not against these beats at the beginning of songs but not every song. Just my little opinions...laters!
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