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Originally posted by Jibby™
My little dude knows the implications of not appropriately responding to the "evil eye". He knows to say please, thank you, yes please and excuse me. I ain't gonna have no little rugrat running around straight out of " Buckskins Gone Buckwild".
Buckskins gone wild that's funny! My daughter is 2 and she knows all about the pleases and thank you's and she knows how to behave in a store never thought that would happen seeing as how I didn't know how to act right! I was a brat when I was young. Except me and her need to work on the usage of the garbage can AGAIN! Sometimes she will take her wrappers and throw them down the heating vent or like if she eats something that she thinks is gross she would spit it out on the carpet (we are making progress :p , today she was eating cucumbers and didn't like the skin so instead of spitting it on the floor she asked for a napkin then went to the can and threw it away! :Chatter that was cute!) And her ignoring thing when she is watching cartoons- I have to turn off the tv sometimes for a minute so she will listen to what I'm saying to her. But I can't blame her my mom did the same thing to me :p :Chatter kids will amaze you sometimes with the stuff they know it's crazy!:Chatter
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