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Oh that is funny stuff guys! Check it out- when I was little my mom wanted me to walk over the gas station (it was like 1/2 a block away) and get her something right. So I went and before I left I stole a penny gum outta the jar. So there I was walking down the alley happily chewing my gum, UNTIL I got home and had to explain where I got it. Well my mom gave me a penny and told me to go back to the store, tell the guy what I did and pay for the gum. I went back to the store alright! But tell him or pay him for the gum I stole I did not do! I went in there and bought another piece of gum and went home. My mom figured out what I did and walked me back down there and made me tell the guy what I did with her standing right next to me! Man let me tell ya, my nose wasn't allowed outta that corner for the next 2 hours!:Chatter
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