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I am making reference to when the entire drum starts beating the drum harder and faster. It speeds up and throws the dancers off. There is a point in the song when the beat picks up. This does not mean the beats speeds up. Most talented singers will be able to sing with a constant tempo throughout the entire song. Of course, he has to be surrounded by competent singers. If not, everyone else may speed the song and he lose control. You have probably heard drums do this and the lead try to get control of the beat. They generally do this by placing their stick out further than everyone elses and slowing the beat down. It really sounds like crap when this happens and generally only works for a moment. Someone mentioned Yellowhammer earlier. If you ever get to see them sing, watch how Jimmy keeps control of the drum. He rarely hits the drum that hard. They dont rush the beat leading up to the "honor beats". It just plain smooth, the way it should be.

Sometimes I wonder if certain singers think that the dancers cant hear the drum. They seem to try to hit it as hard as possible. I guess they compensate poor singing with loud drumming. It does'nt even out:)

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