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Originally posted by Kiwehnzii
Crock, you're not making things easier on yourself , are you.

Feeding the fire?

You should just ask,"howdya like me now?"
Oh yeah...I love a good argument. Notice I'm not backing down? Thing is, I know for a fact there are some white people that have taken hits on here for being white and dancing. So, what do they do? They come back with a new screenname and CLAIM to be NDN. I'm not doing that. I'm not a punk. Keep firing away at me. I've got thick skin. I can take it. But don't be surprised when I throw your own argument back at you.

Dancing and theses ways mean a lot to me. You all have your reasons for dancing. Don't give me "I dance because I'm Indian." arguments. That's one of the biggest loads of BS you can give me. I know plenty of people that are NDN and don't dance. You've gotta have more of a reason than that to take the time to make your clothes and go to dances.

You're not going to change my mind about my dancing. I have too many friends, indian and non-indian alike, that have encouraged my dancing.

Just so you "guys" that can't stand whites "in your culture" so to speak know... This website you love so much is administrated by none other than a white guy!
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