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wolf clan

:Mad Wolf Clan...

Thanks so much WolfTears, Tsanuwa you are priceless, when's your book coming out. Peackeeper ...what can I say

Like you Tsanuwa my family has been off rez for awhile, the grandpaents were the last enrolled. Since we all live in Cali and were blessed with good jobs/businesses we never felt we had a right to vote on things that would not affect us, but may adversely affect those still living on the rez. We put ourselves and kids thru school, taking advantage of work-study only.

Now we think what can we give back, not just to those on the rez but Urban Ndns right where we live! Hundreds of urban Ndn youth have no direction and are getting caught up in the hold gang/dealer/player mentality right here in la la land.

Scripture says you know a tree by it's fruit, groups like these always bare rotten fruit!

Thanks again WolfTears for bring this to everyones attention.


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