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Gall, huh? So, it's wrong for them to sell beadwork and bustles when Indian people see their work, and come to THEM because they liked what they saw?

I guess it's wrong for an Indian guy to ask me to make him a pair of beaded mocs after seeing mine. So, the only good beadwork and other dance clothes items are ONLY made by Indian people, huh? So, not only are white people making items for dance clothes, they're being respected by other craftsmen/artists for their work. Also, I guess it's sacreligious that they're paying them 2 of the highest compliments that can be paid.
1) They like their work so much that they're referring it to people they know
2) They buy it to WEAR and dance in!
What higher compliment can be paid to someone about their work than to refer them to friends and to say it's good enough to dance in?

I'm not out to disrespect anyone. I'm just calling some people on their BS. If I weren't white, noone would be jumping me on this board for offering my advice to someone who ASKED for help.

As for taking over, I don't have that agenda...nor do any of the non-Indian people of whom I speak. The couple people I have in mind in this discussion aren't like that. They have the highest respect for these ways.

I realize that dancing is more than just putting the clothes together and doing it. It means more to me than that.
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