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I'll agree that Scott's book is not the BEST way to learn about dancing. However, I DO believe it's a great tool for someone wanting to start Traditional Dancing. We're not in disagreement on the fact that a BOOK isn't the best means of learning in these ways. It's just a good collection of writing and pictures on this dance.

Concerning some of the things I've thrown out..... A lot of the sentiment I get from what a lot of the people on this board say is that Indian people and ONLY Indian people know about these ways. If you're not Indian, how could you possibly know anything about our ways? Also, I get the feeling that just b/c they ARE Indian, they're an authority on the ways practiced in the circle. That's the sentiment I've been recieving.

I was just following the reason they're throwing out and showing examples to the contrary. So, I'd like to know which points you believe are completely irrelevant.

Speaking with fellow dancers is invaluable. Who wants to be dancing with a bunch of strangers? Powwows are SOCIAL events. Who are you going to socialize with besides other dancers? I try to make new friends at every dance I attend. Friends provide encouragement and advice that will help anyone.
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