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I didn't get arrogant...

What was the point in asking if I was a white hobbyist? They didn't point out any part of my post that was wrong, or that they disagreed with. They only disagreed with me on the basis that I was white and not Indian.

To question me on the merits of what I say in reference to the dance clothes is one thing. To undermine whatever I say not on the merits of my statement, but only b/c I'm white angered me intensely.

They jump on me for being nice and trying to be helpful. Hey, none of these so-called experts were replying to her post. The ones that did gave very vague suggestions. When someone asks for help, don't give them vague suggestions. Give them some information they can USE. If someone has a problem with their car's engine, you don't tell them to open up one of those panels in the front and go looking around.

So, I told gave her some information that I figured she could USE.

This whole principle of jumping on someone when they're trying to help is ridiculous. If I were telling her to go out and put Vulture feathers in her son's hair and to send him out there in nothing but a breechclout, I could see someone jumping on me. But to just dismiss someone's advice because of their race, and on no other principle or information isn't right.

I've worked pretty hard to be able to go to dances and be judged on my dancing and other aspects, NOT my skin tone. I've been welcomed by many Indians in this circle. Quite a few of them have told me not to back off from dancing and these ways. They KNOW me. The people jumping down my throat do not.

So, all I can say is to know who you're talking to before you jump their *** for trying to help someone who asked for it.

If you disagree with what I say, fine. Bring it up and discuss it on the merits of the statement, not the fact that it came from a white guy. The whole argument of "You're white, you don't know CAN'T know anything about these ways." is one of the biggest loads of BS I've ever heard.
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