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Losing Indian Blood

Since growing up, I have always been told to learn the traditions and language of our people. My parents have instilled this into me, as their parents instilled into them. They also told me to always marry another Native...another Indian. If I don't, then my kids would lose any Indian blood. This has always been a sort of mantra for me while growing up.

My parents are not racists, or they wouldn't have let me date other people outside my own race, but to marry someone outside my own race is another thing. For them, you should always try and keep the "blood." Otherwise, our tribal heritage ( from a small tribe) would die out.

Looking at other natives inter-marrying other races, their kids have it hard. They are grown into mixed blood. Think of generations ahead, their offspring will be considered the 1/200 blood quantum.

Who let these things happens? We do. Is it the offsprings' fault? I think not.

It all starts with us...the first people. We let ourselves get mixed up.

I can understand that sometimes we cannot help who we fall in love (or lust), but in reality I think it does.

Would you want your future generations to say they are 1/200th degree?

Think about it.

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