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Indian Blood

This is a good subject and took a lot of guts to post.

I have grandsons who are very handsome boys, they are living in the city now and joke about how they are related to everyone back in OK. (2 are my blood grandsons, 3 are my grandsons while away from their natural grandmother back home)

But the problem in big cities is that young girls, white, black, mexican et al. are so much more agressive, than Ndn girls would be on the rez with parents/grandparents monitoring what's going on. Some of these non-ndn girls purpose to get 'an Ndn baby'.

So I tell them not to sow their seed by the wayside and always protect themselves.

As a mixed blood I too would prefer that all my grandchildren marry Ndn, not because I don't like the physical mix, but because more than just blood is lost. Our culture and way of doing things passes with the thinning of the blood. A mixed culture marriage is full of compromise and all to often the Euro culture starts to dominate....then finally all recollection of language/tradition is lost.

This happens with all mixtures not just NDN: Latinos who don't speak spanish, Asians & Africans who don't speak their languages and on and on it goes.

jus my 2cents

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