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Originally posted by Burberrilish
*LMAO* BUzzz thats no excuse lol..go home to the NN FAir and i'm sure you'll find ur navajo woman there *LMAO* :rofl2: hahaha JK mannn lol

what about chewy?? or you both related too? LOL

Oh yeah.. i haven't heard or talked with my brother since last year sooo i dunno how he's doing lol...:lol2:
OH YEAH! HAHAAHAH! The chewster and I are related... I think she's my lil sister or something like that :Chatter

BTW... HI CHEWY!!! :)

Yes, I was at the NNF this past year. Had fun. I didn't get to spend enough time at the "Women Of The Navajo" booth to check for the future Mrs. Buzzman, HAHAHAHAH!

Hey... gimme u'r bro's email addy, if u have it handy. I wanna c what he's been up to.

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