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My 2 cents

My whole take is a little bit different, I flew flight 175 during the month of August and knew 6 of the attendants and 1 of the pilots.

There were numerous warnings both from french intelligence, the FBI, the CIA and plane and ordinary airline people like me. There was more than 1 report of wierd behavior by male passengers that were totally ignored.

Even the actor James Woods who flies Lax to Boston (his home) on a regular basis made a report along with other flight attendants from flight 175. The FAA said thank you very much and did no follow-up until 9/12! Put all these red flags my personal opinion.....they let it happen. I really don't believe they realized it would be quite as devastating...but they KNEW something was going to happen. The historical records show they knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen and they let it.. to justify droping the A bomb in Japan. Is too far fectched to think they use the same tactic?

Since 9/11 there have been military escorts of commercial aircraft...who are prepared to shoot us down and we know that.
Since 9/11 young white people get paid $30,000 per year plus benefits as TSA security for what young Latinos, Blacks and others received $8.00 an hour & no benefits to do.
Since 9/11 Sky Marshals get $70,000 to ride in style, if a flight attendant is taking hostage.. their instructions are ..shoot the flight attendant and we know that.
Since 9/11 nothing much else has changed except everybody in government is making money off it.

The fact that most americans are so self consumed and selfish they don't know what's going on around them still makes us the most vunerable country in the world.

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