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Originally posted by Kakeeya
Good words Direct E and I agree with you. I am a full blood native (although mixed with another tribe). I have always believed in keeping our culture strong and always worked in professions where cultural knowledge is a prerequisite. I had one son and raised him in our traditional ways, he learned both his fathers Lakota ways and my tribal ways. When he grew into a young man, he was involved with a lady of another race. When he told me about her, I had a heart to heart talk with him and told him that it's okay to date this woman but when it comes to marrying and having children he should look for a Native woman. I explained to him that I see how hard the mixed Natives of other races have it and I told him that I wouldn't want that for any of my grandchildren. He was upset with me but he listened. Eventually he calls me and tells me that he met a Native woman. Now I have a beautiful full blood granddaughter, she's mixed with a couple of other tribes but thats okay. I don't know what our future holds for us but as long as I am alive, I will continue to strive to keep our Native blood and culture strong and alive, at least within my own family.
I appreciate your kinds words, especially from an elder. You sound really wise, and am glad that you have taught your children well. I just hope our future generation will maintain our cultural identity.

I am full blood also. I come from a small tribe, so it's important to marry another tribal member, but it's even more important to marry another Native. This is something I will stress when it comes to my children.
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