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My Grandpa stood his ground with his shot gun....

All of us ran into the boat. I never looked back. You could hear rustling in the bushes and trees. Twigs snapping.
Worried, I asked my Mom what is happening.
"There's a bear!" she said to me.
My Uncle pushed the boat into the water. My Grandpa jumped in and started the motor.
Gripping the side of the boat I turned around to look on the shore and I didn't see any animal. I didn't want to.
Once we were safely in the river every one relaxed and enjoyed the fresh air.
We stoped off to get our fresh clear water for Fish camp. And headed back.
Once we arrived, I helped carry the buckets of delicious salmon berries up to my Grandparents cabin.
My cousins and Autie greeted us on the bank and helped carry up the water.
I asked my Mom if I could go play now with my cousins.
"Yes, and in a little while we will have your Grandmothers ah-good-uk."
Thoughts of the bear left my mind as my cousins and I walked up the little hill behind our cabins to the big rope swing.
Maybe not actually seeing the bear left me nieve of the power and fear a bear can bring.

More on Ah-good-uk story soon....
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