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Originally posted by boman19
For your information, I did have a calling to dance and sing many many years ago when I was a young child. Just like your son may have had. I don't dance because I think it looks cool like some whites do. I do it for the reasons you said about having pride in the culture. I was called by my grandfather, father sky and mother earth to dance and sing and to celibrate their mysteries.
I am not going to continue beating what seems to be a dead horse here because it is obvious that I am not going to win this arguement (even if I am right). I have a comment about your calling to dance at a very young age: YOUR TWENTY, HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN FATHER SKY TAPPED YOU ON THE SHOULDER? I don't understand the whole relationship between scouting and learning how to become native. Did your entire scout troup get their caling at the same time? As for the other stuff you said I still don't get it your reasons while to you are legitimate are pretty generic (sorry) almost like you said it cuz thats what you thought you were supposed to say. I have never heard it explained quite so text book. As I said before it is not my place to argue this point but I will reiderate what made me post in the first place. If your non-native don't give advice about anything because it is not your p[lace. If you just can't help yourself atleast be respectful enough to not question the advice that is being given on here about Aboriginal things. Its not your right no matter how many of your twenty years has been spent in the circle. It doesn't matter what you think you know because you don't live the life. You are a guest remember that. I am sorry if I sound too mean but I just don't get it.
nOW WITH ALL OF THIS SAID OUT OF CURIOSITY WHY DID YOU SAY THAT YOU WERE NATIVE ABOVE QUOTE "But im a member of the Gulf Coast Tia Piah"? IF YOU ARE WHITE AGAIN i AM SURE THAT MY lack of knowledge has left me uninformed.

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