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Yay! Someone who has been to Fish Camp!:p
I remember trying to carry my first King salmon.
My Grandma and Grandpa came to shore after going out in the boat to check the net for fish.
Mom saw them come to shore and told me to go and help carry up the salmon. I headed out of the cabin and down the trail leading to the bank. My Uncle beat me to the boat.
"I'll help carry these" I said.
Grandpa handed me such a large one! I held out my arms and he flopped the fish in them. I curled my arms around it. Practicly hugging it. I started walking, and the fish started sliding around in my arms. I just kept thinking, how the heck do you carry these?
I heard my Uncle laughing at me up at the cutting house.
I flopped the fish down on the table.
"Gee" I said.
"Ha ha ha, here let's go down to the boat and I'll show you the right way to carry it."said my Uncle.
So I followed him down. We had so many to carry.
I stood behind him as he grabbed one out of the boat. He turned around to me and said,
"Here, hold out your arms"
So I did.
"With one hand hold it just above the tail"
Okay this is better, not bad.
"Now, with your other hand shove it into the gill."
"Oh, yuck" I said squinting my nose.
But I did it any how. And worked real well. Slimy as all heck!
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