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Originally posted by GJJudd
I've met non-Natives who belonged to native societies. These people usually have performed outstanding service to the particular nation or nations represented by the society, and usually are adopted into the nation. I had the pleasure to see one gentleman receive the necessary materials to make his reglia to join the Hethuska ( sorry if I mispell it) and find out that he was being sponsored into that society at a powwow giveaway.

In the area I'm originally from, Louisiana, alot of "non-natives" participate in powwows. Some do it to regain part of their lost heritage. Unfortunately that part of the country was heavily rascist and alot of native that could pass as whites assumed white culture to survive. Now their children and grandchildren are able to explore that part of hteir heritage that was abandoned.
Yes I am aware of the fact that many people become honourary members of various nations and that they are usually made members as a result of outstanding service. As for your point about people regaining theri cultures to regain something you have to have had it at one point. These poeple are therefor native. Finally, as for white people taking part in pow wows, to each his own. Like I said there are white people who take part in pow wows here too but they don't compete and they only dance social dances. BTW, Boman, clearly stated that he was a member of the Tia Piah. It is not for me to say how tribes get their membership but I think that it is important to make sure that when you are doling out advice to others about cultural things that you don't misrepresent tourself which was what this whole arguement was about. Perhaps you should read all of the posts that I made.
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