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A captured drum. Yeah right. Maybe you are right about that. But whose to say they didnt capture it themselves. Or perhaps they do go out and "capture" one. Then what arguement may you posses? Nil I think. And, exposer...I just heard that it was one of your elders that gave these women the right to sing. How come your not exposing that? Huh? Thats what I thought.

And Jaques...I do sweat on a regulr basis. As often as I feel I need it. I also visit with Elders, nearly everyday. And as far as I have been told. Non have disagreed with the Bass Drum theorey. To me, its not a captured object. Just a white man's thing that you can buy at the pawn shop for $22.99.

And since we are on the topic of tradition. I remember a story saying that the only eagle feathers one was allowed to wear were the ones that represented deeds of bravery. You take a look around, you see a bunch of non veterans, dancing around with 50 eagles on their backs. You mean to tell me that all these men were walking around the City somewhere, in their best clothes, in their best paint, slapping white people on the backs and running away, war whooping? Sounds kinda crazy to me. And with todays justice system these "warriors" would be doing hard time, just for counting coupe.

Lets not sit at our computer, trying t hurt each other folks. I am not against people following their culture. I am not against trying to keep this traditional. I am just trying to see what we can do together so that a group of young women out there can continue to sing. Not alot, but still............
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