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This whole black buckskin thing is really bothering me, honestly. The women who were wearing these dresses looked like, for lack of a better word Newagers. Sorry, if there is anyone out there who doesn't fit this term, but that was the overall feeling I got. One of these women didn't know what she was doing-honoring the men during a tradtional holding her fan up over her head-I guess she could have been keeping the sun off but it was cloudy.
Yes Ace, this was Nansemond. And it is not a contest Pow Wow, but it is a pretty good dance, usually. I had 2 girls dancing behind me during one of the intertribals and after I came up from an honor beat I heard one of them comment, "Well, we know who the Southern women are, now." If I could have distinguished what their dance style was (Northern or Southern) it might not have bothered me too much. But I couldn't. They just seemed to be walking around the circle. There were some other irratating instances too. I have a friend who is Inuit from Alaska-She was not in full regalia as it is too hot to wear in our climate. The AD asked her to leave the circle after GE stating that she was not in regalia. After much explanation on my part and that of others in my group, they told her that she could come back in and dance, but at that point she was so insulted that she refused. This is a prime example of what happens often in my area. Some hippy in black buckskins is allowed to go in the circle and make a fool of herself and a real Native who is visiting from far across the continent is asked to leave. It is embarrassing, really. A prime example of why I do not often dance in the area I live in.
P.S. Ace-Panther Eyes went with me and did really great. She left early but got in a couple of dances and went shopping with me and really enjoyed herself. She brought out a new dress too, with beadwork that is very similar to that she made for my dresses. Dancing healed me this weekend-no question.

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