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The best Pow Wows in this area are small, and not well publicized. Sad but true. The instant karma people are not allowed in to start with much less allowed to dance. Closed to the public but for invited guests of the drums and dancers, the tribe hosting and the people on the committee. There are a few that are open to the public that are really good (The Great American Indian Expo in November-but I hate dancing on concrete floors)but you have to know when and where, and they are selective about who they let dance. This rule of selectivity doesn't always apply to the vendors, but at least I am not subjected to dancing with wahoos. If the people on the committee for the dance this weekend had even bothered to offer a REAL apology to my friend, I don't think she would have been so upset. They relayed their message that she could dance through me-never spoke to her face that I know of. But she made a comment that is too true in this area-ONLY in Virginia. She went to Maryland last weekend and danced up there with no problems, had a great time, and made a lot of new friends. Then she comes down here and gets treated like this. I think what was so embarrassing was the lack of education on the part of the AD (the same guy does this every year, and usually lectures the dancers when we line up for GE) and his failure to ask first before jumping to a conclusion. There have been other incidents like this in the past where this guy has asked dancers to leave the circle without talking to them first about the reason why. This group, unfortunately has a very rigid idea of what they want in their circle and any one who does not fit that standard is asked to leave. BUT! They let these people who are dressed like fruitcakes dance. I have pretty much had enough of this one to say the least-it is not worth the 2 hour drive to put up with this kinda silly stuff. I skipped this one last year and will probably skip it again from now on. Like I said before-I'd rather go north-longer drive but better Pow Wows altogether.
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