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And since we are on the topic of tradition. I remember a story saying that the only eagle feathers one was allowed to wear were the ones that represented deeds of bravery. You take a look around, you see a bunch of non veterans, dancing around with 50 eagles on their backs.

I agree with you on that one.But do 3 wrongs make one right

In fact i pity these guys if they have to meet some of my friends[all veterans from Vietnam]They will have them take the bustle off!

About the Brass drum.It has been around for more than 100 years now!I dont quite see your point.

Women in the nothern plains are backup singers,which give a special harmony to the songs,a style so to speak.That style has been around for 100's of years.Do you really think that its worth being changed just to please some spoiled brats?

The women singers who are sueing were not invited [as far as i know],the commitee did not chase them ,they just told them that they could not sing at the drum as men do.Instead of leaving it as "the rules of the house"they showed that they were thinking more like white people and Sued the Comitee[if i read correctly made of indian people'] They never behaved as traditional women! They conducted themselves as bad guests with no manners !
So why would anybody try to please them?Long time ago they would have been kicked out the village with buffalo chips thrown at them!
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