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What you say is true Jaques. It was bad manners to do that. But also, a hundred years ago, women werent allowed to dance inside the cirlce. It was unheard of THEN as singing is NOW! How come that changed? Also, what if, I am just saying what if here...some woman wan given the gift to sing at a pow-wow? Hey it could happen. We wouldnt even have DRUMS if it wasnt for a woman. OR pipes for that matter. I dunno, I dont want to sound like it is "right" or "wrong". Like I said before. In my tradition, women are not allowed to be around a drum. They can sing, but behind the men. Thats how I was raised and thats how I will raise my children. Woman were given gifts they have to use. As were men. But at the same time, I see no spiritual significance of a white produced drum at a pow-wow. At the same time, I dont want to tell anyone they CAN"T do something. Non-Indians have been telling us what we can't do for centuries. Why do we have to carry on THAT tradition?
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