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Ahaw-Knee (really)

This one time at pow-wow camp..................
@ Rocky Boy 99 it wuz sure a good one.......YB beat BlackStone TBZ & Mountain Soul, BlackLodge it wuz tough competition(33)drums total were holding up tarps while drum contesting, ya know, cuz of the rain....lot'a Tee-Pee kreep'n goin on.........the firework stands were full of nickle slot machines 24/7..........Seen the \Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights 4 da first time, i mean dang the powwow wuz bumpin...,. so anyway the story goes............. MC "the comittee would like to have a representative from each drum group to raCe for a new tee-pee" I just walked up from the car and the fellas were like hey ski go race, then auntie was like go barefoot, so me being their my first time i was like buh! what tha! stop teazin...........drummers were lineing up in front of the speaker i wuz like daNg okay i'll represent YB STYLE... bam they said go i took off out of a three point stance.... wuz blazin across the grounds, ran through the arbor seen the tee-pee, and the AD grabbed my arm and said you won at the same time i just stepped on a hard *** rockyboy res rock barefooted, hurt my hoof jogged backed to the speaker stand and da MC says "And the biggest horse wins" crowd starts crackin up cause this big dude just blew out these lil scabby skinny dudes for the sunday after we won the drumcontest we went to greatfalls and the crew all seen The BlairWitch Project for the first time.......sat up all night tellin the keenest scariest stories...dang that wuz a keen weekend......p.s.1st place in the drum competition was $300, singers got a tough $30 cut

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