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Originally Posted by Mato Winyan
Ok... Can't hold it in any longer. I have sat back and watched this go on and on. Some people have had some very good things to say and they are being ignored just because it is the "other side" that is saying em. Well get a clue people .. truth is truth... it can come from those that are outside our culture and not be a "racist" remark.

Truth is ...why would a person insist on doing something when others have asked that it not be done? Let's look at the language thing... why would a person continue to use another language after being asked not to because the person felt they were being disrespectful. Does that person think others can't understand English??? Well they can. If not.. they will ask someone to translate. K? ;) Which to stray a little.. always amazes me when a white person prays in Lakota because that is the "sacred language" do they not think the creator can understand their own words? Don't limit the creator people! He can understand all languages! Now was that a racisit remark.. no.. it was the race of the person I'm talking about. (and fyi.. the person thought they were saying Mother Earth in Lakota.. and actually was saying Mother Dirt!! :rofl2: )

Next, if you truly read the posts again and even in other forums people have stated time and time and time again... it is not about people of other cultures attending inter-tribal powwows but how one carries themself while doing so. Now did you just really read that????? YOU CAN GO... JUST BE RESPECTFUL... DON'T ACT LIKE AN AUTHORITY... BE HUMBLE... YOU ARE THERE TO LEARN AND SHARE.. NOT TO TEACH!!

Same goes for the board here.. you really don't have to try to answer every post or question.... sure.. we want to be helpful. No one is faulting that. Just don't be so eager sometimes. Hell, there have been posts I've made over the years I should have waited before answering..... but by damn I learned from some of the answers I received. Because I chose to. It was my choice. We all have that choice. You have that choice. And if you choose to think I am talking to this person.. that person .... or talking off the wall ... it's your choice. Just like it is my choice when a person makes a post that I feel is over the line.. to delete or edit. K?
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