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Gourd Dancing

Originally Posted by ojibwaysweetie
I can understand how some Kiowa people must feel about this. I feel sort of the same way about our Jingle Dress. It must first be worn only upon having a dream. Nowadays, everyone and their gramma dreams about it. We have societies as well, and protocol to follow. Wannabe white women who wear our dress. Sheesh man.....seems as though nothing is sacred anymore.

Anyway, I'm only saying I understand how you feel about your dance too. Man, I just could not take it upon myself to just do other dances that belong to certain people. :|
I am full-blood Kiowa and have been Gourd Dancing for over 30 years. I've been reading the posts and am amused at all the comments. I also applaud the desires of wanting to learn about the Kiowa Gourd Dance. In my 30+ years of Gourd Dancing, I believe I have only missed 2 Kiowa Tribal Celebrations in Carnegie, Oklahoma and this celebration is held every year on July 2-4. We Kiowa's call this a celebration and not a Pow Wow, it's the time of year where ALL Kiowa's come together and celebrate our heritage with the Kiowa Gourd Clan. It's a traditional dance that has been handed down from long ago. When your in Carnegie during this period, and your Kiowa, you hear Kiowa Gourd Family Songs, sung in Kiowa, the Kiowa Flag Song, sung in Kiowa, prayers that are said in Kiowa, people talking Kiowa at all the camps and relatives saying in Kiowa that it's good to see you. This is truly a Kiowa Celebration with traditions that are good. They usually begin the day with the Kiowa Flag Song then after that the Brush Dance is held in the morning and then they have all the little children do the Rabbit Dance (this is fun to see). Usually a family of one of the Rabbit Dancers feeds all the little ones. Then around 2 in the afternoon, the Gourd Dance begins then there's a break for supper around 6 pm then it is restarted up again with the Gourd Dance with social dancing following.

There are traditions that are followed and they are, men wear long-sleeve shirts - no hats are allowed, with the traditional Kiowa Gourd Dance regalia, red and blue blanket with a yellow ribbon down the middle along with a fan, sash and beads. This is truly a men's organization with the honor of the Kiowa Princess present. In the evening, there's usually a prosessional with the Chief, who is presently Glenn Hamilton, and before him was Taft Hainty (hope I spelled this right) followed by the Kiowa Princess then the rest of the Kiowa Gourd Clan then followed that by all the Kiowa Tribal Organizations. This is a awesome sight, to see all these Kiowa Indians dancing together in a circle with no outside influence of governments or societies. This is truely the Kiowa Way.

Now regarding other Gourd Dance Organizations, The Kiowa Thi-Pah Society, The Kiowa Gourd Dance Society, the The Comanche Gourd Clan, and many many more, all these organizations are not part of the Kiowa Gourd Clan's original and traditional celebration that's held in Carnegie, Oklahoma once a year. These men's organizations are only imitations of the real thing, but in the same token, they are respected and well received with the Kiowa Gourd Clan.

All my comments are from me being a Kiowa Gourd Clan Member and a full-blood Kiowa - in no way am I an official representative of either.

Be Good To Each Other

Gary Satoe
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