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Wow, this thread has been busy since I have been out. LOTS of interesting view points in here. Both views of keeping blood quantum the same as well as changing it are interesting.

Yes, it is a problem with those that are wanting recognition for some sort of gain. But what about those who are not looking for any gain... just a sense of identity. I have family who are not full bloods... who were also raised to be independent and take care of themselves... they are not looking for assistance or handouts. They are not looking to the tribe to give/help them with anything. I mean look at our state with the tribe helping our people get through school. It's crazy.

Take my sister for example. I am proud of her. She's 1/2 blood and is out on her own... not looking to get anything from the tribe and also instills traditional values on her kids. She is not married to a navajo... but she does keep those values in her children. She can't help who she falls in love with. Can anyone?

I respect those that are keeping the blood "strong". I just don't see why people have to look down on or think negatively of those who are not full blood. Not ALL 1/2, 1/4, 1/8th... what-have-you breeds are looking to be recognized in order to get something out of it... but to be a part of "family" and to just be able to say "I'm Navajo".

And if you look at it from their point of view... who's to say that keeping it at 1/4 is going to keep the blood strong. The trend of natives moving off the reservation is increasing. INCREASING. Which increases the likelihood of natives meeting and marrying non-natives. I'm not saying its bad or its good. I am just making an observation.

And there was a statement about women not being able to find a native guy?? *LOL* It works both ways... you also see native guys getting with non natives as well * LOL*.

So to those keeping the blood "strong"... good job!! And to everyone else... good job too... for keeping up the culture!! And for those doing both... good job!! Hee hee.

I am not of any partial blood quantum... I am full blood... for those who are curious *L* Keep up the posts! :Thumbs

Oh, I gave everyone good reps for posting on this thread :clap:
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