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Good Day to everyone. Well I have been reading these different thoughts of if women should be allowed to come into the arena and dance, like the men do. Well let me ask, When Old man Eagleheart, Big Bow,Ahaitty,Kaulaity, who were trying to remeber the way the dance went did they once consider of changing the way it should be danced? The Kiowa's Used the songs from the Sun Dance. If you don't belive me ask the older Kiowa men who do the history of the tribe. This question of the women dancing w/the men I don't think my Great-Grandfathers or the women of there time even thought like we do today. When I go home to dances today and see the women those who have served they still respect there role in the way of the Kiowa traditions. I can only think this was asked for other tribes who do not really understand the dance the way the Kiowa people do.
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