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definition please

sliced brice has a point for a change. MAYBE women shouldnt sing on a bass drum at a traditional pow-wow. Bu what about a compition pow-wow? Huh? Singing with the big dogs for the big money? What is so traditional about a compition pow-wow? How many people have each of us seen, drunk and stoned at a pow-wow? How traditional is THAT? Just the fact that women and men dance together make the pow-wow NON traditional. Not including the fact that you hundreds of eagle feathers there not won through acts of bravery and even women dancing when they are on their cycle. Even women present when they are on their cycle. OoooOOooh...I can go on for days about the atrosities committed against the realm of traditionalism at a modern pow-wow. But I wont. I'll just stop here with the though of a real, old school, before white contact with "Indians" "pow-wow" and what YOU and I see today. And then tell me more about what is traditional.
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