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I've been dancing and travelling for as long as I can remember....the powwow life and traditions have been passed down to me from my parents who also have been involved in powwow most of their lives. And this is what I know and have come to believe. Women should not sit or hit the drum like the men do. I was taught women should not even touch or travel in the same vehicle as a drum. But I also think that women back up singers bring their own harmony and spirit when singing behind the men. Women back up singers have been around for a long time and I don't dispute that. But what I don't agree with is women actually sitting at the drum. Women are powerful in their own way especially on their cycle. This is a big no-no! But some women do it anyway. I agree with slicedbryce that the spirit and energy just isn't there with women singers. Its just not the same as when I hear the men singing. Its hard to get into it with a bunch of women who sound like cats. I'm not kidding. I've heard those women singers who are sueing and they sounded terrible to me. When I hear women drummers during an intertribal I just leave the dance floor til the songs over, cuz no one really dances anyway. But as for Bigbears comments about women not being allowed to dance, that was a loooong time ago. So don't even go there cuz you'll never get women to stop dancing....I mean guess who makes most of the outfits out there for their husbands and kids and also help organize these celebrations so the people can DANCE and SING!
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