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I don't support or disagree with women who sing at the drum. I am left to let the woman or women singers to leave that decision for themselves. However when women decide to come and sing at my drum I ask them to not hit the drum. The only thing i tell women is think about it before you start to sing on a drum.

The reason i prefer women not to sing with my drum is that the drum represents the Heartbeat of Mother Earth, and Mother Earth is also the representative for women, and mothers. The drumsticks used to sound the drum represent the manhood of a male. And when the drum is sounded it represents the heartbeats of both the male and female in performing consumation (sex). So when a lady sounds or hits the drum it literally represents homosexuallity.

For those women singers reading this, keep doing what you do if you feel it is appropriate and that what you do is a good thing out of intention. Don't be discouraged by believing in yourself.

Sing on any drum you are permitted but none of mine.
"If God wanted me to be a white man he would have done so in the first place" -Sitting Bull
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