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Just want an honest opinion

I'm not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers by doing this, I just want people's opinion.... What do you guys think about dancers that only go to pow wows to dance what they need to dance.Such as only dancing their contest song and one grand entry and place? There are good dancers out here and most know that they are good but should you be and act so big headed to be this way at pow wows? Do they think that they should be able to disrespect the circle and other dancers by not dancing all grand entries, intertribals, exibitions, and specials?
What does that teach our young ones out here? That when I'm good or when people know me, that I don't have to put my heart into it or I don't have to dance my hardest? You should go to a pow wow to dance because you love to dance not to throw on your outfit, dance contest,take your outfit off and wait for winners to be called.
As I said before not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings or upset anyone just want an honest opinion.
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