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Just to let you know. Sometimes when I am far away from home. At some pow wows, such as Norway House and The Pas up in Manitoba, Houston Texas, saskatcheewan and california.. I have got up in front of the audience, usually on behalf of the ADs or MCs request. and have spoken the story of how the duck and dive originated. It is true, the song has a true meaning and respect from where it originated..and I invite any of you singers or come watch the round bustle dancers in the Pacific northwest..jam out to the duct and dive...specially when it is song in the old style the way Indian Nation sings is true there is a old style way the song was song..starting on the rim of the drum..the song always includes a tail too.. Yes it is true the crow have a version of the duct and one time the Nez Perce and Crow were very close, back in the buffalo hunting days which is evident by the beadwork and hair dew for one...anyhow... far as the song goes..sure you will hear it and its good that the popularity of the song grows..but with the growth ...i would hate for this song to become commercialized. And unfort that is what i see sicked me to see that happen on the spokane reservation where they had a "duct and dive" mens traditional special..I love to dance to this song..because when i hear heart grows strong and it don't matter how tired i am..i think of the warriors who had to fight in the snow...woke up at first day light..unclothed..they battled the calvary back..and defeated them long enough for the women and children to escape safely.. this song has that sort of meaning to it...and yes. i lost family during that it encourages me to dance my best in honour of those warriors who charged then overtook them cannons on that day. Its good to learn..but sometimes its good to go to the source to learn correctly...please come to washington nespelem or yakama, lapwai idaho or pendelton/warm springs will hear the duck and dive and see those round bustle dancers..jam out to that will always remember it then. The dancers to..whistle..scream.war whoop right to that duct and dive.. the singers you referred to are Nez Perce Nation singers..who sung at a performance there at WSU. I don't discourage anyone from learning..just come see how it is done..ask for permission from a drum from that area..and learn beat and cresendo's its a lot of fun to drum..and to dance..this song..its my fav...
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