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Originally Posted by LilMissDopey
yo jyd you must be nightrider too huh?? ppl call me babygirl but nobody else calls me a kid ... :34:

beanie quit changing your name its all confusing!!! :Cry... ayes... but its confusing.. i was all "now who the heck is this ruthless person???"... not that i ever come on here anymore... man thats sad as hell its 4th of july wknd and im not at a powwow.... :Mad... well anyways...

*hops up on counter munching on a cold piece of frybread*

ooooo i think imma make fried bologna sandwiches... *drools all over counter*.. :p
Sorry,we related but not da same. FYI - I the better looking of da 2, just look at my avatar. He just jealous cause I got the looks and he tries to copy me :)
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