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Well, I guess I will start by stating that there are some people on here pre-judging myself and our group. I would like to extend a word of congratulations to Snake Island for winning. In my opinion, they did deserve it and they sounded very good. I have no negative feelings toward them. they have a good sound along with good songs. when I was younger, I used to sing with John Snake and John Brown and I have learned a thing or two from them. I remember some good songs brought forth and composed by John Snake being sung along with Ben Bearskin Sr. and Jr. ,Alec Montroy, Ray Tohowa and the rest of that old crew from my younger adolescent years. I appreciate the fact that I had the opportunity to learn from them.

I would also like to clarify that "the haters" out there are really blowing this out of proportion. We (Tha Tribe) do not think that we're better than anyone however misconceived the gossip on us is spread. We were a little disappointed on the judging of this particular weekend, but disappointment is alive in any aspect of competition. It's considered "balance".

As far as whining goes, I expressed our feelings of disappointment to a friend of mine who was working "behind the scenes" of the weekend. Several people had told us that we should have done better, hence the feelings of disappointment. It never went any further than that on our end, and we didn't expect to gain anything out of it. I simply expressed the groups' feelings of the weekend to one person who seemed interested. I know how people just love to jump at an opportunity to make someone else appear negative, especially when the "grapevine story" changes at every passing.

No, we don't expect to win everywhere and we are happy just to be recognized. Sometimes we win over dancers or singers who are more deserving, and vice-versa. It happens everywhere. As far as the hand drum contest goes, I totally agree that Melinda carried us through and perhaps we didn't deserve to place. DJ and I were both quite burnt out, tuned out, and probably off-beat. In my opinion, Melinda is an excellent singer and I am extremely grateful that she chooses to back us up. She makes any group sound good. As for our other guys; (Tyler, Ron, and Troy) they entered just for fun, hence the attempt at singing that tie-breaker song. They didn't expect anything from that contest and were in it for the sake of "trying it out". We didn't expect to offend anyone by entering a hand drum contest. I agree that I am not a great round dance singer, but at least we gave it a shot instead of criticizing someone else's efforts. Congrats to MLB on that one. They sonded good singing their style of hand drum songs and definitely deserved the win.

I don't post much on here, but I enjoy reading everyone's personal opinions and reviews. Many times, I am told to "just shrug off the haters' negative remarks" but this thread is really upsetting to us so I thought I would say a few things on our behalf.

The weekend was fun and I enjoyed the Smoke Dance Contest to the "max". I enjoyed visiting with friends that I haven't seen for a long time. Not bad for a 1st annual, and I am sure there will not be as many dance-offs next year.

I would like to extend a word of gratitude to those who take time out of their lives to comment on myself and our group, whether it be a positive note or negative remark. That makes me happy to know that we are in your thoughts and we will keep you in our prayers. See you somewhere on "Tha Trail!"
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