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Crazy things

Well I have to say you guys all hit the nail on the head!!! you always see the minnetonkas, the weirdo's jammin to their own beat, the roach clip feathers and people who think they are dancing around Kevin Costners Fire...(CRINGE) My embarassing moment I was at a powwow where my uncle just happened to be Emcee and prior to this he was making fun of me...and never misses a thing...(this was a large powwow too) I had my back to the arena and was talkin to everyone and there mother and the song goin on was rockin, so I got up and just started dancing and I usually am focused really enjoying it and I noticed my friends on the benches tryin to get my attention and I ignored them until I made this awesome turn (so I thought) and realized I was the only chick out I played it off and got the he@@ out of there, everyone was real cool about it I thought I'd never hear the end of it, but MY UNCLE missed it, and even though he missed it I still went and paid for my mistake. Another time I was in Illinois Cahokia Mounds we had a drum dance contest so we all got up and it turned out to be mtv beach party we all started freakin and doin conga's and I am sort of short so I had all these tall boyz arround me....well later after the dance was over...I had to change to hurry up and drive back to Oklahoma.. well no one was around (so I thought) and hurried up and was changing my shorts underneath my skirt and sure enough them same tall boyz seen me and kept driving around me in their big azz truck hoot n hollerin GAH!!! I never got outta somewhere soooo fast they sure were loud!!!
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